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1) What have you hired Matt and Archer Mechanical and Consulting to do?

Since moving our business to Oyster River in 2018, Archer Mechanical has been a valued partner in conceptualizing, planning / installing and maintaining the production systems in our sea salt harvestry. Most recently they installed a vacuum evaporator system that is probably the only one of it's kind in Canada.

2) Why did you pick Archer Mechanical for this job specifically?

Over the years Matt has become more than a supplier - he's a trusted thought partner in our operational planning. He goes above and beyond by making the effort to understand your business as a whole, what you are trying to achieve and how he can help make it happen.

3) What was the result of having hired Matt and Archer Mechanical? How would you compare your results to others in your industry?

As the first company in Canada to harvest sea salt we created a new industry. There was no blueprint for how it should be done. Archer Mechanical had the passion, energy and the vision to take on our project despite all of the unknowns. The results have exceeded our expectations.

4) What would you say to anyone considering working with Matt and Archer Mechanical for design consultation or system installation?

We always receive a 'thank-you for the great recommendation' from those who we refer Archer Mechanical to. We will continue to do so with confidence.

5) What was your favourite part of having Archer Mechanical on your project?

The confidence in knowing the job will be done right and on on time.

6) Would you recommend Matt Archer?


7) Is there anything else about your experience you think is important to share?

Most contractors are unwilling to take on any take on any projects outside their wheelhouse. In contrast, Archer Mechanical is constantly looking to expand its wheelhouse.

- Scott Gibson, Aug. 29, 2021

I have been hiring Matt for a decade and in those 10 years I have gone through 10 different drywall companies and at least 4 electricians but we're still on our first plumber thanks to his knowledge, his skills and his attitude.

I was actually blown away by his competency most first. He is probably the greatest plumber there is in his design work and his speed and time. He doesn't mess around. The best part is that it's all in one. I really like the plumbing/mechanical combo.

And I like the level of experimentation. It's a sane amount of change and adaptation which is great when there are big decisions.

He's a good sounding board and the voice of reason. Matt can justify why going with a less expensive heat pump that is more reliable, even though it's slightly less efficient, is still a better option for everything: financially, energy wise, environmentally, functionality based on the numbers. He knows that end of it really well.

In system design there is either me or the client who are responsible for making sure it's financially doable and then there's usually an energy advisor or somebody saying, "it needs to be this efficient or better". And then there is Matt who takes all of that to create the plan.

If you hire Matt and Archer Mechanical and Consulting to help design and/or install a mechanical system you won't look back on your decision. Matt stands behind his work. We have had houses where mechanical systems are finicky, and every last kink gets removed, even after the project is complete.

I know Matt loves me and Perspective Design and he treats us like gold, but I also think he probably treats every customer that way!

- George Slomp, Perspective Design, Aug 18, 2021